How valuable are your memories?

Your memories are very important. I don’t think you’ve in this website if you do not think exactly the same as me. Next I’m going to present you the wedding package that I work with and you can add EVERYTHING you want to it, but …

Before I want to tell you a little about my way of working …

I like naturalness, I like happy brides, grooms who smile and enjoy as children, I love couples who are willing to everything and who value photography and memory. On the wedding day I try to capture emotions, try to go unnoticed and try to be a ninja. I do not like the poses, I like the real feeling. If you think you fit with all this, you can continue reading!


• All the coverage of your wedding day, from the preparations to 1 hour of the party.

• All the pictures that I shot in your best day (3000-4000 pictures)

• More than 600 photographs edited and in high resolution so you can remember detail in detail your great day.

• A beautiful packaging with a wooden box, with pendrive and 15 photographs printed on the inside.

• A maximum delivery of 15 working days, this means that once you have arrived from your honeymoon the report is all yours.

The investment of COFFE PACK is €1800


You have to pay 25% for booking, 60% one week before your wedding and the 15% the day I delivered your wedding



Album A beautiful 30×30 linen album with 50 pages and 100 photographs of your day

Investment: € 350


Engagement shot

We can go to your favorite place, the place where you got involved, your favorite corner, where you can stroll on Sundays or even at the top of the Eiffiel Tower. There are no borders. The engagement shot is for losing the fear of the camera, to know what it is to be in front of it and above all so that you see yourselves in photos. For me, one more excuse to see you, to see your strengths and your weak points, a contact to make your day everything much easier.

Investment: € 350



In the case of having to move outside the territory that limits Catalonia, there will be a displacement charge, this being the value of the train / plane ticket / fuel corresponding cost and in the event that it is necessary one night.

Second shooter

To have even more pictures of your great day. (Recommended for weddings greater than 300 guests)

Investment: € 350


Postwedding shot

The day of the wedding passes quickly and there is hardly time to enjoy yourselves with the dresses. In the Post-Wedding report you put on the white dress and the suit to have a beautiful and intimate reportage.

Investment € 400


Destination Shooting

Had it occurred to you to have a story in another country? Any excuse is good to travel and have some nice pictures. In this section I want to propose the union of my two passions, so if you are willing to go elsewhere to do your report of Engagement or Post-wedding shot.

Investment: Expenses coverage + ENG / POST price

I need you to be curious, do not call me immediately. Look at my works, study them, ask me! In the section of BLOG you can find various wedding reports for all tastes and colors, so do not waste another minute and take a good look at all of them!



Where are you from?

– I’m from Bellvei, a small coastal town between Barcelona and Tarragona.

Do you make weddings outside your area?

– Of course, yes, in fact, 95% of weddings I do are many miles from my house.

Do you do extra hours if necessary?

-As I have said, that day I am exclusively for you and for you, therefore, I do not have an hour to finish, it marks the whole wedding. There comes a time when there are no more photos to take, at that moment is when I leave the cameras and toast with you!

Do you take group photos with the guests?

– Yes, I do them even if they do not show up on my website

Now you have clear as work and rates, but surely you have any questions or concerns, for that, you can use my e-mail or the contact section of the web, so that we can chat for a while, make a skype or take a coffee. / +34 626 373 938