What is the value of your memories?

      Forever. The photos of the most special and beautiful day of your whole life will be the only thing you have left years later to be able to remember each of the details of that special day. To remind those who later leave and to teach and tell those who years later are added to the family.
      The basis of my photography is memory and emotion.

      Laura & Roger

      "He has given us the best memory we could have of a very special day for us. He managed to capture moments and details in a super natural way. Spontaneous and expressive photography, fleeing from the typical inns and forced photos. And also, quickly delivering the report. Without a doubt, we couldn't have chosen better. "


      Anna & Edu

      "A spectacular photographer! Attentive, friendly, informal, fun, but especially very professional! Guide you, it accompanies you, makes that day very special and unique. It is for everything, with everything for Everyone!
      We would choose it a thousand times! We had an unforgettable day and with your photos you have revived everything, with the same feelings that we felt that day!
      We love you Robert!!!


      Carla & Edu

      "If we could have a photographer in the most important events of our lives, we would always choose our eyes closed to Robert :) It is not a 10, it's a 20. At the professional level as well as staff. And the result of Your job is exquisite. Thanks for everything, beautiful! "

      Fotografía de boda desde 1700€
      Álbumes de boda por 400€
      Sesiones de pareja por 400€


      Nothing beats the feeling of actually touching your photographs, caressing those memories and making them last forever on a physical format.

      The album is finished in fine linen, containing 50 pages (30x30) and 100 photographs from your big day.

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      Why don’t we go to your favorite location, the place where you proposed, your special hideout, the spot where you usually stroll on Sunday afternoons or even the top of the Eiffel Tower?

      Your pre-wedding photographic report stands as a photo shooting to get loose and get a feeling of what it is to pose in front of a camera.

      For me, pre-wedding photographic reports serve as one more opportunity to get to know you, discover your strengths and weak points and ultimately get ready for your day to be perfect.

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      Have you ever thought of having a photographic report done in a foreign country? Any excuse is a good excuse to travel and get some amazing photographs out of it, too.

      Here I would like you to join me in my two passions, so if you are up to travel somewhere new to get your Pre-wedding or Post-wedding photographic report done, just let me know.

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      The day of the wedding goes by fast and you may find it hard to really enjoy yourselves all dressed up.

      In your post-wedding photographic report, you put on your wedding dress and tuxedo again so as to get an intimate and beautiful report, wherever you want it to happen.

      This is the perfect opportunity to get those photographs you have always wanted.


      Do you make wedding videos?

      No, I am one of those who believe that whoever encompasses much squeezes. If you intend to hire video (which I recommend it to the maximum) once you contact me I can recommend you to colleagues with a beautiful style with whom I work side by side with wonder

      Are you working alone?

      I work alone, in 80% of weddings I am alone but if you want and feel more secure, you can always have the option of hiring a second photographer. It is something that perhaps I recommend for weddings of more than 250 guests.

      Is the displacement included?

      It depends, I live in the Vendrell a small town on the Daurada coast, between Barcelona and Tarragona. If the wedding is in the province of Tarragona or Barcelona, travel expenses are included, otherwise, the cost will be € 0.25 / km if it is in Catalonia or the cost of the plane / train ticket + the corresponding night if it is further.

      We love you! How do we formalize?

      You just have to contact me and if I have the free date, it will be a pleasure to be with you on your big day.
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