It is no secret that traveling is my passion as well as being surrounded by epic sceneries to get inspired, yet a great connection between two individuals inspires me much more than any cliff, waterfall or endless dessert. Documenting such connection between two humans is something I give great importance to. Witnessing true love and being able to capture that bond through photographs every weekend is one of the most gratifying sensations.

      As I said before, I love traveling. However, I also love meeting new people, eating delicious food, playing basketball and listening to good music. I enjoy drinking a beer while listening to that old song in the background that I used to listen to and still know all the lyrics.


      I have always considered my camera my partner in crime. Once I finished my degree and having worked in a lot of different places, I decided to go abroad, discover the world, go beyond borders. That is how I ended up living in London, England, for two years. Throughout my journey, my experiences, my trips and the people I’ve met along the way have taught me who I want to become and how to get there. It was through such journey that I discovered what it feels to document love stories.

      Although I am very young, I have moved flats more than ten times already. Loads of experiences, thousands of kilometers and even more people which have provided me with incredible things. For me, living is discovering, creating and learning. When I take photos, I always try to portray everything I feel and the way I see the world.

      We are two separate individuals with different personalities yet we do have some things in common. We learn from each other and we lay on the sofa to watch TV series nonstop. We love Yoko and our white, naughty, fluffy cat. We usually work apart, although we can also shoot together and yet again, we have something in common: we both love our job and devote ourselves to you so that your memories remain as something very special.

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